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what is it

wmtheme is a utility which, generally speaking, allows you to perform certain operations on themes by name. For example, to rename do wmtheme -r oldname newname, or to activate do wmtheme name.

Furthermore, it takes great care to make installation painless, in spite of evolving formats, packaging carelessness, and incompatibility between old themes and current window managers. wmtheme -i theme-package.tar.gz will almost always result in a correct installation. It will also take steps to clean up settings that don't belong in themes, and disable suspicious-looking shell commands (these sorts of things might occur in Window Maker or Blackbox themes). This behavior can be turned off, however.

what kind of themes

OroborusSawfishWindow Makerxmms

help me out

It is my goal that wmtheme should install the vast majority of themes while following the principle of least surprise. If you find a theme that the program doesn't seem to handle properly, let me know so I can fix the program: yathster@yahoo.com



Here are some other programs that offer theme management:

  • Gtk Theme Switch

    GTK Theme Switch is a small and fast command line utility to switch GTK themes on the fly. It also has an optional GUI to preview the requested theme and change the font used with it, an optional GUI dock, and it can install themes downloaded from gtk.themes.org, preview them, or switch to them immediately.

  • rico GTK-Theme-Selector

    rico_GTK-Theme-Selector is a small GTK-application to select easily a GTK-Theme. In a config-file can you specify a theme directory and other ".gtkrc"s will be backuped.

  • shthemes

    shThemes is a small, relatively fast X11 utility written with C and GTK+. It is a GTK+ theme selector that allows you to select from a list of installed themes, and set the selected theme as the active theme without having to hand edit ~/.gtkrc.

  • wmakerconf

    wmakerconf is a GTK+ based configuration tool for Window Maker window manager. All Window Maker attributes (including the application menu and themes) can be configured, making it an alternative (or add-on) for the built in Window Maker configuration tool WPrefs.

  • oroborus theme changer

    The Oroborus Theme Changer is a mini-app written in Tcl / Tk which allows you to quickly change the theme in the Oroborus window manager.










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